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Helping Special Needs Children Thrive

   Your Child with Autism is Reaching Adulthood

And you have questions...
  • What do we do now?
  • Where will my child live?
  • How will they get along in the real world if I’m not around?

There are answers!

Autism Tomorrow,
The Complete Guide To Help Your Child Thrive In The Real World

Autism Tomorrow Book
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The KEEN Foundation brings you this comprehensive manual to answer your most pressing questions about your child’s life today and provides a roadmap to your child’s future. The book features 16 of the world’s top experts on autism, including Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Tony Attwood and Karen Simmons.

Through this book, you will learn about

  • independent living
  • nutrition
  • fitness
  • employment
  • safety
  • sexuality
  • puberty
  • dating
  • bullying
  • social skills
  • communication
  • and more!

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Autism Tomorrow is a practical guide with easy-to-use strategies to help you make intelligent decisions so your child can survive and thrive in society. Get this valuable reference for you and one for a loved one, a teacher or a caregiver.

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Get the Autism Tomorrow Book and the Practical Autism Essentials, a $623.77 value, for only $19.77 (U.S.). The Practical Autism Essentials includes the Official Autism 101 Manual, an interview with Temple Grandin, a Curriculum Sampler Kit, webinars, articles and much more.

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Due the special nature of this partner project between KEEN Foundation, Autism Today and The Center for AAC & Autism, the Autism Tomorrow books are provided for only the shipping, handling and fulfillment charges, which can not be refunded.