KEEN Education Foundation

Helping Special Needs Children Thrive

   Our Mission

KEEN Education Foundation (Key Enrichment for Exceptional Needs) empowers children and families with exceptional needs to reach their fullest potential by providing enriching resources and supports. This is accomplished by aligning with organizations that share a similar vision.

   Our Objectives

To enhance the education of professionals, family members and caregivers while focusing on the strengths of those with autism spectrum disorders and exceptional needs by providing, books, videos, computers, resource materials and funding for conferences to exceptional needs people or to their guardians.

To assist with the research of effective treatments and interventions that will enhance the lives of those individuals so they can reach their fullest potential.

To increase understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with autism spectrum disorders and exceptional needs and to raise awareness of the gifts they offer to the world.

To raise funds to achieve the purpose of the foundation.

   How We Achieve Our Objectives

By paying or partially paying for the individual and/or their guardian to attend conferences that provide tools and information to enhance their education. Also providing books, videos and online conferences to these individuals.

To actively solicit participants for research projects and help administratively in the reporting of the project. Also, by helping to fund research projects that will evaluate the effectiveness of treatment interventions commonly used to help people with special needs.

Through active search engine optimization & email campaignsvia an opt-in email list. Also by being present and handing out literature at related conferences.

KEEN Education Foundation will actively raise funds throughonline channels, donor solicitation, door-to-door campaigns, community fund-raising projects, online fund-raising projects, corporate sponsorships, government grants and eventually through planned giving.

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