KEEN Education Foundation

Helping Special Needs Children Thrive

The KEEN EDUCATION FOUNDATION, since 1996, helps by providing learning tools not available through the education system for kids with special needs.

KEEN - Key Enrichment for Exceptional Needs

Our primary goal is to promote awareness, enrich education and provide services to improve the
quality of life for individuals and families affected
by autism and other special needs.

Get Involved Programs

Autism Tomorrow Book - The Complete Guide to Help Your Child Thrive in the Real WorldAutism Tomorrow Book - FREE

Autism Tomorrow Book

The KEEN Foundation brings you this comprehensive autism manual to answer your questions about your child’s life today and provides a roadmap to your child’s future.
Help Make May Autism Tomorrow

Help Make May Autism Tomorrow Month

Support awareness and education of autism resources for millions of autistic children who are rapidly growing into adulthood. Sponsored by Charlotte NC Life Insurance and of course Reno NV Life Insurance.
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