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The KEEN Education Foundation empowers those of mental and physical diversity to be self reliant, healthy and employable in their chosen area of interest and capabilities

The KEEN Education Foundation which stands for key enrichment of exceptional needs was established in 1996 by Karen Simmons because her son was diagnosed with autism and she wanted to find the best resources for every type of exceptional needs child that existed and share it with everyone she could in the world.


Few Words about our work

"Thank you for the attachment for my wheelchair. It was a sheer pleasure to be able to make communication easier and more user friendly.''


a client of Chrysalis

Karen, I am just back from Kananaskis and have had for the first time an opportunity to look through your book. I cant tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you took time to share this journey with me. Thanks and admiration for the kinds of things you are doing for children.

John Paterson

University of Alberta Edmonton

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