~ a. einstein

"no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew."

~ a. einstein

even einstein had exceptional needs


Key Enrichment of Exceptional Needs

Effective Treatment

To assist with the research of effective treatments and interventions that will enhance the lives of those individuals so they can reach their fullest potential

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

To increase understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with autism spectrum disorders and exceptional needs and to raise awareness of the gifts they offer to the world

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Fund Raising

To raise funds to achieve the purpose of the foundation

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(Key Enrichment for Exceptional Needs)

KEEN Education Foundation

Bridging the gap of exceptional needs people and their lives through education

The K.E.E.N. Foundation has been established since 1996 and has major experience in delivering and implementing various projects and resources. For instance, the organization initiated a library in Pine Street Elementary School, Sherwood Park, for students with disabilities within the school. Provided computers and equipment for challenged special needs students in and around Strathcona County, initiated a “Spell Down” event to raise awareness and funds for special needs individuals within Sherwood Park. Organized a Teddy Bear picnic to raise funds that support growth and enhancement of person’s with disabilities education and growth, etc.
Active Campaigns

Some Good Causes

Help for Employment

We help the employers understand the differences, strengths, gifts and challenges of people with neurodiversity and physical challenges so they can find the best fit for employees with these needs. Also we help the people with these challenges to present themselves and find the employment that they are best suited for.

Housing issues addressed

Ensuring that landlords understand the unique challenges our population face so they can better assess their needs will make a better placement for those with neurodiversity and physical challenges. Also, by helping people find the right living environment, support and place in a suitable neighborhood will ensure they will stay in a suitable home for a longer period of time.

Online Education

In this day and age, in is critically important for people to access education online. Health is a primary concern and physical abilities sometimes limit people from going to an outside job so being online is the perfect solution. Also, teaching classes remotely make learning accessible for everyone. It also gives the advantage of being able to record and make it interactive and questions and answers in a less confrontational way. Also the instructor can set the hours so the students can later ask questions they want further clarification

Specialized Counselling

Specific to special needs children and adults and parents

Attitudinal Healing

Attitudinal Healing is based of the belief that it is possible to choose peace rather than conflict, and love rather than fear. It is love that is the most important healing force in the world.

Intervention research

Certain biomedical and behavioral interventions such as light and sound therapy, stem cell therapy, hyberbaric oxygen oxygen therapy, vitamins, diets and so forth are controversial and outside of the typical interventions for the improvement of the manifestations of signs and symptoms of autism and other neurodiverse conditions. While there are no magic bullets, certainly some treatments have shown to help improve the effects of such conditions. Our intent is to research such interventions to put the science behind the treatments

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Our Fundraising Plans

Collaborate with team members to rally support
We plan to raise money through the generous donations of our members, fundraising drives, events, legacy programs, grants, lotteries and casinos, silent auctions, in-kind donations and any other creative way that supports our ever expanding group of exceptional need people and their families that need our help.

Spelldown and Events

Grants and Donations

Online Symposiums

Interventions and Resources








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At times like these, the world calls for people to be included and for everyone, rather than almost everyone to be included. This means all people, regardless of race, gender, age, disability and so forth. As founder of KEEN, my journey began as a young child as my best friends sister, Cathy had a severe form of Down syndrome, was bullied, raped and made fun of all through high school. I remember her knocking on my sisters window so she would come out to play which she did. It was heart wrenching to watch. We all loved Cathy. This marked my beginning into into the world of disabilities and segregation in the 60’s where kids were put in a classroom all their own. I swore to change the world. I was bullied as a teenager and felt left out so knew what it was like to be excluded. It doesn’t feel good to be left out, not included, discriminated against or hurt. We all want to be loved no matter what or who we are.

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