~ a.einstein

"no problem can be solved from the some consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew."

~ a. einstein

even einstein had exceptional needs


Key Enrichment of Exceptional Needs

We believe that everyone is a gift

“Bridging the gaps of special needs people and organizations while empowering success through education”

The K.E.E.N. Foundation was established in 1996 and has significant experience in delivering and implementing various projects and resources. For instance, the organization initiated a library in Pine Street Elementary School, Sherwood Park, for students with disabilities, provided computers and equipment for challenged special needs students in and around Strathcona County; initiated a “Spell Down” event to raise awareness and funds for special needs individuals within Sherwood Park; and organized a Teddy Bear picnic to raise funds that support enhanced growth and education in the lives of persons with disabilities.

Some Good Causes

KEEN on Employment

We help employers understand the differences, strengths, gifts and challenges of neurodiverse people so they can find the best fit for employees with these needs.

KEEN on Entrepreneurs

KEEN ON ENTREPRENEURS consists of training geared towards the creation of young entrepreneurial programs to start companies for those with exceptional needs.

KEEN on Education

We strive to provide and promote access to education online for individuals with neurodiversity and physical challenges, and for potential employers.

KEEN on Support

We strive to promote and provide specialized counselling that is specific to special needs children, adults and parents.

KEEN on Attitude & Empathy

We strive to teach and develop Attitudinal Healing, a form of healing that is based on the belief that it is possible to choose peace rather than conflict, and love rather than fear. It is love that is the most important healing force in the world.

KEEN on Research

To assist with the research of effective treatments and interventions that will enhance the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and exceptional needs so they can reach their fullest potential


Few Words about our work

"Thank you for the attachment for my wheelchair. It was a sheer pleasure to be able to make communication easier and more user friendly.''


a client of Chrysalis

Karen, I am just back from Kananaskis and have had for the first time an opportunity to look through your book. I cant tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you took time to share this journey with me. Thanks and admiration for the kinds of things you are doing for children.

John Paterson

University of Alberta Edmonton

Clearly, with government funds still being frugally and prudently administered, your successful application has been highly regarded. It reminds me of the biblical adage "many are called, few are chosen". Best wishes to the Foundation in their efforts with the purchase and implementation of the "Book Shop Program". Congratulations.

Iris Evans, MLA,

Sherwood Park, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Thank you for sharing your beautiful book, Little Rainman, with me. So much of what is written about autism is filtered through the belief that it is a terrible affliction and a tragedy for the whole family. Your book is so different and so inspirational. I want to acknowledge yo for having seen autism through "new eyes". Also, by writing in Jonathans voice, you have given words to so many individuals who might otherwise never be heard. With love and gratitude,

Barry Neil Kaufman

The Option Institute

Karen, Premier Klein appreciated receiving a copy of your book "Little Rainman" He enjoyed the opportunity to read this interesting account of your son, Jonathan. On behalf of Premier Klein, thank you very much for writing and best wishes to you and your family,

Sheryl Burns


The Edmonton Autism Society supports the Keen Education Foundation and their efforts to help raise awareness of autism and the importance of early intervention. Keep up the good work.

Edith Todd

Congratulations on the success of your application for blind and braille materials and best wishes for a rewarding project.

Dale Erickson

chair, strathcona county community lottery board

When I first picked up the Little rainman my son had not been diagnosed. My husband was in the hospital and while wandering the halls I saw it on a table from the Autism Society. I started to read it and immediately the book described my son. I started to cry because simply reading your book I knew it was true. Your book described my son exactly. I want to thank you and all the ambassadors for autism for doing all that you do.


(a parent)

thank you for coming to present information on your non profit organization KEEN Education Foundation. On behalf of Instructional Services I would like to comment you for the action you have taken to assist those with special needs. It is a very exciting worthwhile venture and we would like to offer our assistance and support as you move towards the goals set out for KEEN.

Dianna Millart

Associate Superintendent.

On behalf of Glen Allen, please be advised that the Council is in full support of the application submitted for the blind and visually impaired. Our blind student will make good use of these items thus improving their abilities. Yours truly


Rees Chair



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Our Fundraising Plans

Collaborate with team members to rally support

We plan to raise money through the generous donations of our members, fundraising drives, events, legacy programs, grants, Raffles, Casino Night Events, and Auctions, in-kind donations and any other creative way that supports our ever expanding group of exceptional need people and their families that need our help.