Organization Overview

KEEN Education Foundation

Key Enrichment for Exceptional Needs
The K.E.E.N. Foundation has been established since 1996 and has major experience in delivering and implementing various projects and resources. For instance, the organization initiated a library in Pine Street Elementary School, Sherwood Park, for students with disabilities within the school. Provided computers and equipment for challenged special needs students in and around Strathcona County, initiated a “Spell Down” event to raise awareness and funds for special needs individuals within Sherwood Park. Organized a Teddy Bear picnic to raise funds that support growth and enhancement of person’s with disabilities education and growth, etc.
To assist with the research of effective treatments and interventions that will enhance the lives of those individuals so they can reach their fullest potential
To increase understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with autism spectrum disorders and exceptional needs and to raise awareness of the gifts they offer to the world
To raise funds to achieve the purpose of the foundation.
K.E.E.N. Education Foundation

Board of Directors List

Dr. Stephen Shore

Secretary (90 Waverley Avenue Newton, Maryland, United States 0245A)

Caraly Lack

President (323 Chaparral Place SE Calgary Alberta T2X 3J9)

Kevin McNulty

Treasurer (Edmonton, Alberta)
Current initiatives

List of Workshops to be Offered:

Overcoming fears and myths

  • Understanding neurodiversity and inclusion
  • Stereotypes and myths
  • Observations from five volunteers
  • Innovative approaches to problem solving

Why hire people on the spectrum of neurodiversity?

  • What is ‘neurodiversity’?
  • The “Atypical Advantage”
    • How a disability becomes a super ability
  • The unique qualities of the neurodiverse mind
    • Extreme focus, pattern recognition
    • Attention to detail
    • Honesty, logic, ‘hyper’ focus
  • Able to perform repetitive tasks with great accuracy without losing interest
  • Case Studies on Success Stories
    • Meticulon
    • Microsoft
    • Ernst & Young
    • Rising Tide Car Wash

Building an inclusive labour force

  • Strategies to build inclusivity
  • Best practices for hiring inclusively
  • Roles for higher functioning and lower functioning people
  • What inclusivity does for your workforce
  • Human Rights and Accommodation
  • Workspace and environmental considerations:
    • Sensory conditions, light, smells, crowds, noise, social skills

How to train, how to retain, how to prepare people with disabilities for interviews

  • How to facilitate people on the spectrum in dealing with social issues
  • Accommodating people on the spectrum
  • Workspaces, environmental considerations
  • Managing / supervising people with disabilities

Supporting people with disabilities

  • Demonstrating appropriate social behaviour
  • Communications challenges
  • Understanding social norms/behavioural acceptance
    • Human Rights, Employer Accommodation and Legal issues