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Understanding the HR dilemma with people on the autism spectrum

Mindsets in employment strategy are similar to what they’ve been since the 1900’s and are based on social skills, the most difficult area for most people on the autism spectrum. This hiring paradigm and the fact that neurodiverse individuals are taught in inclusive settings that omit the vocational skills that were once covered in separate more focused school settings puts folks with autism at a disadvantage for future work.

During the ITP process, it’s crucial to focus on the facets of a student’s skillset that can support gainful employment, rather than investing too much energy in fantastic expectations. Based on recent stats, an unrealistic evaluation of the student’s academic capabilities and skillset contributes to the existing reality that neurodiverse individuals have an unemployment rate of eighty percent.

By implementing proactive hiring solutions like the ITP process, we can help provide relief and stability during times of economic uncertainty. If you would like to read more about the “School to Couch” model, a growing concern in need of mitigation, contact us at karen@keenfoundation.org and you will be provided with an article written by Joanne Lara and Lynn Dunsavage’s gold medal winning Official Autism 101 Manual.