Garnett Genuis

Member of Parliament Sherwood Park

MLA Nate Glubish

Minister of Service Alberta

Rod Frank

Mayor of Strathcona County

Karen Simmons

CEO of Autism Today

Kevin McNulty

Master of Ceremonies

Stephen Shore, Ed.D.

Professor at Adelphi University

Caraly Lack

President of KEEN Education Foundation

Ronald Caissie

Health Coordinator, K.E.E.N. Education Foundation

Ed Kang

Chief Neuro-Gamification Officer

David Chizen

Safeway representative

Kirsten Harrison

Community Relations & Employment Coordinator at Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Buddy Winder

Executive Director of Winder Inclusive Communities Service

Rosanna Chu

Perry Kinkaide, MSc, PhD, CMC

Marcy Oakes

Parent of twin boys with autism

Jonathan Sicoli

Technical Coordinator for the KEEN Foundation