Buddy Winder

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Buddy Winder

Executive Director of Winder Inclusive Communities Service

Buddy Winder is a co-owner, and Executive Director, of Winder Inclusive Communities Service (WICS).

WICS is a smaller, private, not-for-profit organization that supports adult living with intellectual disabilities to become involved in their communities in meaningful ways. Buddy is committed to inclusion, and dedicated to having people with disabilities seen as the contributing citizens that they are.

Buddy feels that the best way to facilitate a meaningful systems change is with a unified voice based on collaborative approaches, rather than through proprietary actions.

Prior to starting WICS in 2010 with his wife Laurie Winder, Buddy spent 22 years in the field of Human Services, 18 of them in the disabilities sector. Buddy has diverse experience within developmental disabilities, brain injury, facilitation, and immigration