Jonathan Sicoli

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Jonathan Sicoli

Technical Coordinator for the KEEN Foundation

Jonathan Sicoli is a unique individual living with autism, from Sherwood Park, Alberta. Diagnosed at a young age he has been able to overcome many obstacles through early intervention and by having a fantastic attitude and sense of humor throughout his life. He has completed several courses in technology, including a graduate degree in Computer Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). He has also done public speaking events and been awarded a Certificate from the Christopher Leadership Institute.

Many of Jonathan’s passions revolve around tinkering and hands-on work; Pursuing that has led him to work in computer repair, granite cutting with a CNC machine, database work, and video editing before finding himself as the Technical Coordinator for the KEEN Foundation.

Jonathan Sicoli is generally easygoing, hyper-empathetic, with a dry, understated sense of humor. Jon has a few close friends, but those lucky enough to get to know him on a personal level have so much to gain from his compassion and technical skills. He does not find himself speaking very often, but is an excellent listener as a result of that.

In his free time Jon can be found watching cheesy B-movies, listening to electronic music, and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Jonathan prefers being indoors and spends most of his time enjoying life from the comfort of his living room.