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Mirande Alexandre

Mirande Alexandre is a high energy and accomplished social development consultant, fund development mentor, project manager, and marketing and sales advisor. Over her 25 years career, she has worked in social development, management and marketing capacity for the Canadian government as well as local, national and international companies in both Canada and Mexico, consistently breaking achievements records and attaining remarkable project results during her tenure.


Mirande has called Alberta her home since the late 1990’s. In the early 2000, she joined the Government of Canada with the Department of Canadian Heritage and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. She launched her company “Connecting 360” in 2012 when she realized there was very little in terms of management support for small to mid-size businesses and not for profit organizations.

Specializing in what she calls “building credible capacity”, in other words helping professionals build and manage their organizations, know how to strategize, obtain government funds and trust their abilities with their prospects, Mirande has now worked with many service providers, businesses and communities to build sound projects that get results!

Through her career, Ms. Alexandre has received various awards from the Government of Canada and community groups. She was named and recognized in 2017 by Radio Canada as the “Pearle” of the Francophone Community for her dedication and commitment to assist the community achieve their objectives. She also received the 2017 “Womenition Inc.” Award for her success as an immigrant in Canada. She received the 2012, 2010 and 2009 Alberta Federal Council “Official Languages Award “in recognition of her work and leadership role in supporting and assisting the development of French linguistic minority communities in Alberta. Further, she received the Alberta Federal Council “Collaborative Working Relationships Award” in 2010 in recognition of her leadership and commitment to establish horizontal partnerships and develop collaboration among federal departments to better serve Canadians. She received the Edmonton Viets Association award in 2006 and finally the World Championships in Athletics – Edmonton 2001 award for her effort and dedication in ensuring the success of the government of Canada’s involvement in the 8th IAAF World Championships.

Today, Mirande remains a very successful mentor, instructor and consultant and is sought after by many individuals, community groups and organizations to assist them in achieving their envisioned results.