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In this scenario we will explore best practices towards:
Dealing with annoying/aggravating people
Managing stressful situations
Identifying autistic characteristics
How to identify people with special needs
In the following scenario keep an eye out for these characteristics:
• Flapping
• Defying authority
• Sensory overload (Not complying with commands)
• Problems identifying authority or knowing what to do in high stress situations.

When a local preschool teacher called 911 to report one of the children deciding to leave school early, the dispatcher thought it was a prank call. Upon arriving at the scene, Rachel discovered a child that appeared to be five years old leaving school grounds without any supervision. The child was found in the parking lot, walking toward a nearby shopping mall.

Once the officer approached the child, he noticed that the child seemed to be confused. It was obvious that the child had never left the premises before without supervision, and was quite anxious.

Rachel approached the child, and said, “Hey, kid, you can’t go outside by yourself. Do you know what time it is?”

The child replied, “

What signs of neuro-divergence did the subject exhibit?

Subject Was Flapping His Arms, Punching The Wall, And Yelling

The Subject Demonstrated Self Stimulation - Autism

Many people with autism engage in self stimulation or "Stimming". This can take on the form of flapping, screaming, knocking, or really any other activity that helps them self regulate their emotions.
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Unregulated Emotions

The Subject May Also have Autism

a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. In this case, it may have manifested in the subject's emotions being harder for him to regulate.
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There are a few places that Tom could have acted differently. Since we can see another way that Autism can manifest, let’s look at the situation again.


Armed with a bit of knowledge and using empathy, this officer was able to de-escalate the situation without causing harm to the special needs individual.