Current initiatives

List of Workshops to be Offered:

Overcoming fears and myths

In this workshop, you will delve into the realities of neurodiversity: debunk stereotypes and myths, explore the personal stories of five neurodiverse individuals, and develop innovative approaches to problem solving.

Why hire people on the spectrum of neurodiversity?

In this workshop, you will explore the spectrum of neurodiversity and gain insights into working with neurodiverse individuals. Discover the “Atypical Advantage” and how a disability becomes a super ability. Some of the unique qualities of the neurodiverse mind are: extreme focus, pattern recognition, attention to detail, honesty and logic. See how theory comes to fruition in a variety of case studies.

Building an inclusive labour force

In this workshop, you will develop strategies to build inclusivity, explore best practices for hiring inclusively, and discover the different roles that are suited for high functioning and lower functioning people. The material covered in this workshop will give you insight into what inclusivity does for your workforce.

How to train, how to retain, how to prepare people with disabilities for interviews

In this workshop, you will discover how to facilitate, and accommodate neurodiverse employees with social intelligence, management and environmental (workspace) considerations. The material covered in this workshop will give you insight into appropriate social behaviour, communications challenges, social norms/behavioural acceptance, and human rights, employer accommodation and legal issues.